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WP Sync: Canva to WordPress

Connect your WordPress websites and manage their media directly from the Canva.

Manage now

Website Tools

Reach your audience and build trust, all while decreasing customer acquisition cost

Connect & Check Website Analytics

Connect your all websites and check their Google Search Console, Google Analytics and AdSense performance

Compress & Download Website Images

Allows you to compress the images from the website URL. Analyze and Download Images from Any Website


Loan Tools

We have provided some of the useful loan calculator to estimate your EMI, total Payable amount including the total tax

Home Loan Calculator

Estimate your monthly mortgage payments and explore different home loan options

Personal Loan Calculator

Calculate your monthly installment and determine the total interest paid on a personal loan

Auto Loan Calculator

Estimate your monthly car loan payments and compare different financing options

Student Loan Calculator

Calculate your monthly student loan payments and evaluate repayment strategies

Business Loan Calculator

Estimate your monthly payments and evaluate financing options for your business


Text Tools

Experience the Versatility of our Text Conversion and Text Generation Tools

Split Large List

Split your large list into multiple small lists.

Text Converters

Unlock the power of text conversion with our versatile tools. Explore a range of formats and transform your text effortlessly

Text Generators

Experience the convenience of text generation using our innovative tools. Create unique and dynamic text content with ease

Salary Tools


Salary Breakdown by Month, and Hour

Do you know your hourly salary is different in every month?

Calculate Hourly Rate

Monthly Earning Planner from Hourly Basis

Check hours you need to work to earn your monthly salary.

Check Working Hours

URL Tools

Easily manage and optimize your URLs with our online URL tool at Tools.Town

URL Encoder

Enter your i18n URL and encode it with URL Encoder.

URL Decoder

Enter your i18n URL and decode it with URL Decoder.